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art appreciation and/or history

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I would like art appreciation to be more fun than "schooly" and "textbooky". I've seen some nice textbooks that are more words and black and white then colorful and engaging. But, I'm looking for something that will spark interest, draw the reader into the art and teach at the same time. Oh yes, I can't spend a fortune either. Any ideas??

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Skip the book and go straight to The Great Courses. We loved the course called "World's Greatest Paintings". Professor Kloss explains the historical background pertinent to the paintings as well as why he considers them great.


I think there's another course they have that is supposed to be equally good that is more focused specifically on art appreciation. I think it's "How to Look at and Understand Great Art".


These can be pricey, so you can look for them on sale, used, or at the library.




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