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Life of Fred Biology question

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My dd13 LOVES ALEKS math. However, I've read so much on this board about how kids just LOVE LoF and we still need a science curriculum (something light, because she's got special needs and I have bigger fish to fry).


Would the biology portion of LoF Pre-Algebra/Biology be something we could use on a part-time basis? Is the science curriculum separate from the math, or is it all intertwined in each lesson?



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You could certainly use it part-time and as a jumping off point for exploring science, but I think that's probably the best it will give you in that arena. It's a very cute story, and the science mentions are very intertwined, but it's primarily a math book. You could achieve the same with any variety of light science books.


Ruth Heller has some gorgeously illustrated books on science (mostly biology) that we've used that aren't at all overwhelming or "babyish." The Eyewitness reference books and videos are nice and you can use as much or as little as you want.


Caveat: LoF wouldn't work as a stand-alone math curriculum for us either---we use it as a supplement. I suppose it's possible that it may work for science for the same kids who seem to find it sufficient for math---those who intuitively grasp the concepts after seeing them once. That's not my daughter.

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The biology is intertwined throughout the book. My son learned a little about biology, but I do not think it is meaty enough to consider it science. It is a fun read though. :001_smile:



You'd definitely need to beef it up with library resources if you wanted to use it for science.

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