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Lial's Sequence?


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I am confused about which books come where for this series. Would someone clarify for me starting at Basic Math? I lost the Pearson page with all the books listed but is it like this:




What is the difference between these?

Pre Alg

Intro Alg

Advanced Alg

what comes next?

ALso, some titles say Basic and Pre combined or ALg combined? Help!

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Here's the TOC for BCM: http://www.pearsonhighered.com/educator/product/Basic-College-Mathematics/9780321557124.page


Here's the TOC for Pre-algebra:



As you can see, the pre-algebra gets into far more algebraic topics than the BCM. However, both of them really are 'pre-algebra'. I would regard the pre-algebra as a course for a student who has a solid grasp on arithmetic but needs some more time before algebra.

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BCM is a standard Pre-Algebra course-- it reviews middle school math and in the last chapters it introduces variables and basic equation solving (and negatives).


Pre-Algebra is a 'bridge course'. It is MORE than a standard Pre-Algebra course. It reviews middle school math but includes negatives and variables from the first lesson! I consider it an 'honors Pre-Algebra' course. I would only suggest this course for students who have a very good grasp of elementary math (basic facts).


Students may move from BCM right into Algebra 1-- but if they are young or insecure in Math, 'Pre-Algebra' would be a better fit before Algebra 1.

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