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K12 "The Human Odyssey" and SOTW


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Has anyone done these together?


I am teaching an 8 year old with ample SOTW experience (she has been listening to the books on CD since she was 4), and a 14 yo who isn't totally thrilled with history (he did his best to block out those books on CD!).


The 14 year old is working through the second K12 Human Odyssey book (the one that starts in 1400). I am doing read alouds based on the K12 timeline, and all the kids listen in. I would love to work the SOTW lessons in for my 8 yo, but I haven't made it a high priority, as she has already heard it all before (and these 2 texts don't match up easily from what I can tell).


Has anyone out there BTDT?



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