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Let my sewing bug loose this afternoon!

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I've been holding him back for a few weeks now, because really, I don't have time to be engaging in leisure activities. I didn't really have time today either, but I just had to sew SOMETHING.


So, I made my first ever headband!! I had so much fun. I want to make a bunch more! I may have to start myself an Etsy store :)


This is a very poor quality cell phone pic, but you get the idea!



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Good for you! Rosie has a monthly craft thread which serves as great inspiration. Be on the lookout for it in the next couple of days.




Haha! The LAST thing I need is inspiration. I have so many things pinned on Pinterest.....I think that's what spawned the "I have to sew something". Seriously, I'm insanely busy and do NOT have time to be doing this stuff. But.....I just had to. LOL!

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