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We'll fight over who gets to slap her, ok?






:boxing_smiley: <---- us fighting


:willy_nilly: <---- me knocked silly


:leaving: <---- me running away because I'm a wimp


:auto: <---- me coming back with libations, so we can ....


:cheers2: <---- have fun while waiting for Ibbygirl.


:bigear: <---- ibbygirl showing up


:smash: <---- you bopping Ibbygirl


The end.

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:lol: <---- me rolling on the floor laughing after reading your "story"! hehehe


I'm sorry ladies. I'm a bit of a pack rat and so my inbox is perennially at 90-94% full. :blushing:


I cleared some out so there is room. :) You ladies are just so informative and sweet, I always hold on to PM's for recipes, book rec's etc, but I found a couple to do with Rosie nakking that I didn't need anymore being that her boy is now 3 and all. :p hehehe :leaving: :auto::tongue_smilie:

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