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How do I plan out a training schedule for this half-marathon?

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There is one I want to do at the end of April. They do allow walkers.


I'm not at the "couch" stage, but I can't run 3 miles.


I walked 6 miles yesterday. The first 3 were at a 3.5+ mph pace. The last 3 were 3.0-ish. That's a long day, but it didn't kill me. Typical days are fast walking 2-4 miles. I can run a mile.


I would like to:

A. Work up to running as much of the half-marathon as possible.

B. Increase my walking to walk as much as I need to.

C. Finish the half, however I need to do that. They give you 6 hours. I think I can manage that.:D


I have found plans, but not one that address what I want to do.

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Do your walking somewhere that is measured (like city blocks) and alternate short sprints and walks.


Week 1: Sprint a block, walk three blocks, sprint a block, walk three blocks, etc.


Each week, cut down the amount of walking in between the sprinting. When you get to one block sprint, one block walk; switch to 2 blocks sprint, 2 blocks walk. Then 2 blocks sprint, 1 block walk.


Then alternate days with some straight running (not sprinting.)


The sprints will increase your strength and endurance faster than jogging much longer distances. If you're not sure you are actually sprinting, check your pulse. At the end of a sprint block, it should be around 160 - 180.


If you have enough weeks, you can also time your sprints and work on getting them faster.


Do some stretching and calisthenics every day too. Be sure you have good shoes.

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So how could I meld the sprinting program with the walking schedule?


I definitely have time to do Higdon's program. Should I do those distances with the sprinting mixed in each day?


Or do the walking MWF, sprinting TTh....and what on my long day? I'm nervous about moving too fast with the running.


And when do I work up to practicing the walking/jogging like I want for the race?


Or maybe I don't understand how the sprinting is used? Does that replace the distance work?

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I would alternate the speed work with walking. I am training for a half-marathon at the beginning of May. Normally during the warm months I walk 30 miles a week - 4 a day with 6 one day on the weekend. I do my daily walks in about an hour, so brisk walk.


My current goal is to add running so I can go faster. I finished my first half marathon last fall in 3:08, mostly walking but some running. I wasn't used to running so it made me sore. So my plan is to do running like he says in his beginner's running guide (the site referenced already) three days a week, weather permitting. That will at least get my body accustomed to running so I can run parts of the half-marathon and not be overly sore.


The distance work is NOT replaced by the sprinting. The distance work is once a week (on the weekend or when you have more time). The sprinting is for speed, which would be running vs walking or walking faster or running faster (as per your situation).

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OK......So, I mixed up his beginning running plan with his walking for a half-marathon plan. And factor in that I am trying to exercise daily (except for a recovery day after my hardest day) for continued weight loss.


Is this too much?


Monday/Wednesday--Run, which starts with 1 mile and increases by 1/4 mile per week and ends at 3 miles. Walk the rest of the time until I get an hour total.


Tuesday/Thursday--1 hour of walking with some speed sprints mixed in.


Friday--easy 30 min-1 hour walk


Saturday--The same amount of running as Monday/Wednesday. But, the total walking is longer to be my long walking day.


Sunday--Recovery day

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I think any of the Novice level HH plans would be great for you. HH has a lot of great stuff. I am using one of his marathon plans right now. :)


IMHO, I do NOT think you should be sprinting. At all.


If you are like I was, or like most beginner runners, your HR will be PLENTY elevated by a slow jog. I would not advise speed work until you've been running for at least 6 months, maybe safer a year. This is because speed work will increase your likelihood of getting hurt. And, running is hard enough to do safely w/o upping your odds.


Here is one: http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51131/Half-Marathon-Novice-1-Training-Program


But, you need to be running 3 miles to start it.


So, if you find a HH plan that looks feasible, make that your baseline.


Then, add on your walking and/or other stuff to other days.


IMHO, you can walk ANY day you want. It's not hard on your body. Most trainers actually advise "active recovery" for your rest days, meaning light cross training/walking/etc.


You will need/want non-running recovery days between runs, as in, don't run two days in a row. But you don't need recovery from walking, so feel free to walk anytime you want. :)


If you want to use the above HH plan, you could still do it starting NOW by simply walking some of your runs. It is TOTALLY respectable to do run/walk intervals. You can just take the 3 miles, and run 3 min/walk 1/run3/walk 1, etc . . . until you are done. Try that out, and if it seems too hard, then run 2/walk 1, or run 5/walk 2 . . . If it seems too easy, you can up it to run 5 / walk 1 . . . It's all fine!


Another option is the Galloway Method (run/walk intervals) http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/half_marathon.html


Once I got to running 3-5 miles at a time, I haven't wanted to go back to intervals, but I did use intervals for c25k and b210k and I really loved those programs to get me going. Lots of seasoned marathoners use Galloway run/walk intervals all the time, even in big races.


Another option is to jump into couch to 5k, then do bridge to 10k, but that might take more time than you have.


Remember: If you can run one long run of miles a week before the HM, you can run the whole thing! Same goes for run/walk intervals or whatever. Just focus on getting to 10 miles. Then, race day the rest of the miles will happen. I promise.


Happy running!

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