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Looking at TT -- what other math programs should I consider for this dc?

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This dc isn't doing well in UCSMP "Chicago Math" Pre-Algebra/"Transition Math," but we were happy with his Standford scores for 6th grade last year (after a couple of years of CLE Math).


He is discouraged with math, which is sad. I can't exactly pinpoint what it is about the program. He doesn't understand the week's work after his once-a week class but has been doing a little better (low B on last test) now that I am teaching him each lesson one at a time. In general, he seems to have trouble with the application problems. Also, one of the things that was so effective the last two years about CLE was the amount of review included with the lessons. This dc also had similar troubles with Singapore.


In addition, it's been a struggle this year for me to fit in all the teaching for my kids, so it would be a bonus if his math could be done more independently. I also have doubts about my ability to teach Algebra II and above, so I'd like to start a solid program that will continue to work for us all through high school, without my relearning & learning all of high school math. I think a supportive role is more realistic for me. (Not that I mind digging in to help with questions.)


Anyway....I'm seriously looking at Teaching Textbooks and wonder if I should be considering some others. We would begin at Pre-Algebra.

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What about using CLE for pre-algebra? My DD loved CLE and did very well with it. She detests math, but enjoyed the family she got to know in her CLE lessons. She was actually sad when she couldn't continue into Algebra using CLE.


She's now using TT and she likes it as much as she'd like any math program. It makes math pretty painless for her. Here's our math sequence, if this helps:


7th grade: CLE 8

8th grade TT Alg 1 & 1/2 of Alg 2

9th grade: TT Geometry

10th grade: Foerster Alg 2 & Trig w/ Math w/out Border DVD (planned for next year)

11th grade: maybe TT Precalc (depends on if she's ready for calc after Foerster)

12th grade: Calc or Stats (probably at CC)


My younger DD uses BJU math and we're very happy with it too. The younger grades (pre-algebra and before) need at least some teaching by the parent because there's not a lot of instruction in the text. The lessons are "mastery" and not spiral, so they stay on one topic and there's very little review. This works well for my DD12. She wants to focus on one topic until she fully understands it and doesn't want to jump back and forth.


TT stays on one topic for lessons, but the problem sets are spiral (like CLE). If you have a specific question about TT I'll try to answer it.

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