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Forget educational... What iPad/iTouch apps do your kids actually enjoy the most? We're about to be on a many, many houred plane trip so I want to load up the devices with some new distractions.


To just chip in, my 7 yos really enjoy...


Myst (yes, the old computer game)

Pizza Boy (it's sort of like Super Mario with pizza delivery)

Doodle Jump

Scribblenauts Remix

Rocket Math (see, educational is okay too ;))


Any suggestions? The app store is so darn overwhelming.

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My kids adore Drawing Pad. I know there are a lot of drawing apps, but this one seems really well done and it holds their interest for a long time. They also love Stack the States.


Fruit Ninja and Set are great games that kids can play head-to-head, which might be particularly helpful if the boys will be sharing one iPad.

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My kids are not the saints some kids seem to be here, only liking educational things :001_smile: but they truly enjoy stack the states, countries, and aliens versus presidents as much as anything.


My younger son who *definitely* will play non-educational things loves "need for speed -- hot pursuit". Also pocket god, plants vs. zombies, zombie farm, appzilla 2.

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