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Advice on how to get kids ready for ps

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For various reasons which are too painful to mention right now... I need to get my kids ready to attend public school. At this time, I think I have until the Fall, so that is what I am working with.

I currently have 6th, 4th and K. They have never been to a "school". I need practical curriculum advice so I can make changes with the school year I have left.

My 6th grader doesn't "write", what is the easiest (overall) way to get him ready for 7th grade composition. I do not know what he might need.


I am sorry to be so vague, but I am struggling to keep everything together until the kids go to bed.


Thank You


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I have nephews in 6th and 8th grade (this year). Both are writing regular book reports and generic creative essays using the five paragraph format. The good thing is most of the writing assignments come home; the most they do in class is outline an idea or do a quickie time-busting journal type entry as they come to homeroom. You'll still have time to work with him on his writing at home, even after he starts at school.


I'd definitely contact the local school and ask to visit a classroom, look over some work to give you a good visual to go off of. For my kids, I'd probably try to tweak a few of the IEW specialty books alongside using any of the many workbook-style writing helps you can find in the educational section of most bookstores (and even in the school supply/art section of some mega-stores). I know they have specific "5-paragraph" and "Book Report" books in the series, plus they're inexpensive and readily available.


In fact, I'd probably hit up a B&N and buy workbooks in areas I felt the kids were lacking in -- not content-wise, so much as skill-wise. Multiple choice questions, reading comprehension stuff, etc.


:grouphug: I'm sorry for whatever it is that is going on.

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I don't know what's going on, but I felt the need to send you :grouphug::grouphug:. I hope you find the answers you're looking for. Hang in there hun. I know it must be extremely difficult right now for you (just from how you worded your post).



:iagree: :grouphug:

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I think you've gotten good advice.


Write Source would get your oldest up to speed on writing the standards way. If you feel that is too much for him, perhaps starting with 4 square would be better--it teaches basic paragraphs and works up to the 5 paragraph format.


For your youngest two, I would work on reading skills. Are they reading well? If so, I think they will be able to fit in and move on with their peers at school.



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are they going next year or this?


If next year, call the principal and see if they can come and spend some time at the school.


I would probably check out the standards for the schools and make sure they are on track for them.


Thanks for this advice, this is something I would have never thought of.

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I would set up a meeting with the principal and bring in samples of their work. He/She might even connect you with a teacher at your kids' grade levels so you can gauge what they're doing compared to what you've been working on. I would also consider having them do whatever standardized test your district gives its students--it will make placing them much easier. Don't be afraid to work with the school on this. They have a vested interest in making your transition as easy as possible.


My son started school rather suddenly this fall. We'd been considering it for a while, but then once it became clear to us that school was what he needed, he was enrolled and attending within two weeks. He spent a lot of time (before and during the first week of school) doing various tests so they knew where to place him for math and reading. Because of our experience, I'm planning to have my kids all take the state test along with the school kids (WA requires standardized testing anyway). If I end up needing to put the rest of them in school, it helps to have data the school can read (so to speak) about their progress and abilities.


Feel free to message me if you have any other questions--it was a huge transition for us (especially since my son was initially placed in the wrong grade), but it has been positive overall.


If the 5-paragraph essay is something you need to focus on, I recommend 4square writing. It is easy to learn and apply.


You might also see if they have textbooks you can borrow at their current grade level--they could skim them now, or you could switch them over altogether. If the district doesn't have extras now, maybe you could check some out for the summer. If your kids are comfortable academically, you probably don't need to worry about it...but if they struggle it would give them less to worry about in the fall.

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