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Bitter Vegetable Broth?

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We have several cartons of the same kind of organic vegetable broth. It seems like there is too much celery flavor and it's also more bitter than I'm used to. I've had the same weird celery problem with other organic products too.


What would use a slightly bitter vegetable broth in? I was planning on using it in my hot and sour soup, but it's just too much. We are trying to eat everything up in the pantry right now. I'd rather not just toss these if I can find some way to make them edible.

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Have you considered boiling carrots in it? Broth is usually celery, onion, carrots, parsley, plus whatever else you like. Celery and parsley are bitter, onion is fairly neutral, and carrots are sweet. Adding sweetness to something bitter makes it less bitter but not really more sweet.


I suppose technically just tossing sugar in would cut the bitterness, but the flavour might not be balanced.


I like extra celery in my broth, so you could just give it to me :lol:

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Carrots might work. I tried adding sugar to my soup when I was making it, and it didn't fix it the way I had hoped. You're probably right that it wasn't balancing the strong flavor of it.


I love celery flavor itself, but this is beyond that pleasantly strong "green" flavor. It's just icky. :tongue_smilie: And I'm probably a little silly to try fixing it, but I think I do have a bag of carrots left in the fridge to try.

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