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Help me Streamline my Bible study plans

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So..this year our Bible study is all over the place. Both kids are memorizing verses in AWANA. My son is also learning such things as the reasons God gave us the Bible, basic Bible doctrine, etc. It's not deep but it is thorough and I really like it.


We are using WHo is God Volume 2 to learn about Worldview. I absolutely love this and feel it has been VERY worthwhile! But it's not Bible study.


With my husband, he tries to read Proverbs about 3 times per week and pray together as a family.


My kids will still have AWANA.


Would you:


1. Use this:



2. Use this:

Fixed the link: http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/Discovery%3A+Promises+Fulfilled+Student/002977/9fef0980e65deb93c8b536e8?subject=13&category=3587


3. Just use AWANA T&T handbooks and spend more time discussing them, drawing them out, and looking up Bible verses together.


4. Other

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What is my goal?


hmmm...my kids already have had an excellent survey of the Bible, a hundred times over. THey know all the Bible characters and stories better than I do!


My goal is to teach them to read it together, discuss it together, and

"drink it in" so to speak. But I never stay on track with just using the BIble itself. I just want Bible study to be a part of their lives, anyway.

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