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American History Civil War to Modern by May??


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Hi all,


From you veterans do think it's possible for us to finish American history at least to Vietnam War by the end of May? We are currently in the Civil War, I've botched history; we've done American history for 3 years & it's from the 1600's to 1850. It's like the movie Ground Hog Day over here. DS is in 5th grade. Next year I want to start the cycle with Ancients, which means I need to wrap this American thing up. I should have pushed him forward sooner but we were following a curriculum I did not want to stray from, I can now see that it was folly. And if this is possible what do you think are the main books I should hit. I am not using SOTW, I'm using the Guerber history until 1900 & then I don't have anything. I'm might go rogue & use movies & real books. Any guidance would be appreciated.




Jean :001_smile:

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Here is a good place to look. Scroll down the page and there are links for each decade or so. Click on them for resources. Maybe just pick something from each section. Just remember you will be doing American history again. With this little bit of time, I'd just read through some books and call it good, then start with your new plan.



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VaKim gave you a good plan of attack. :) Also, I just wanted to reassure you that if you skimmed or even skipped U.S. History from where you are now, a lot of it -- esp. from 1900 forward -- overlaps with World modern history. :)



Here's something you might consider as a quick, cheap spine: The Complete Book of U.S. History. New it's about $10 from Amazon (or about $6 including shipping for used); you may be able to find it new/cheaper at Sam's Club or Walmart. If you include the Civil War chapter, you would have 160 pages to read -- about 10 per week (2 pages per day, or 5 pages twice a week). Or, if you start with the chapter right after the Civil War, then you're looking at about 130 pages (about 2 pages per day for 4 days a week, or about 4 pages twice a week).


It is geared for grades 3-6, is a bit more "story-like" in its presentation, with lots of illustrations, has a timeline running through it, and would be quite easy to then add in a few historical fiction books, movies, or non-fiction resources on topics of special interest, as suggested by the previous poster. We liked it because it was more "topical" in what it covered, and the topics covered, especially in the 20th century, were a little different than the usual ones -- our DSs found it quite interesting.


Think of this option as the "spine" you would have on hand to help you just keep going forward if you hadn't had time to get to the library to pick up a book or two on specific events you want to cover. The nice thing is, you will have so thoroughly covered U.S. history, you won't need to do it again until high school! ;)



BEST of luck, whatever you decide! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Yes, I think you could with HSITW Time Travelers. Each one lasts 6 weeks. They have:


Civil War

Industrial Rev. Through Great Depression

World War II


18 weeks right there for you. :D


BUT, you could EASY PEASY do them in 4-5 weeks instead of six. Week six is usually putting together your notebook & lapbook, organising a party, & wrapping stuff up. :)

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