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Help me plan my edu-vacation on the East Coast!

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Last year I took all four kids (by myself!) to Wildwood Crest, NJ. We went after school had started but before it got cold (late Sept). We toured Cape May, the Zoo, the Insectarium, the WWII tower, the Lighthouse, and more. We also spent plenty of time at the beach.


I'd love to do something similar this year, but perhaps in a different location. Near the beach would be a huge plus (I'm not a fan, but the kids loved it). Looking for something with both fun things and educational/historical things. I live in PA, so in surrounding areas would be best- Ohio, NY, MD, VA, etc. We've done NYC, Baltimore, Philly, Washington DC, Williamsburg.


Any suggestions?

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VA is full of all sorts of historical things, the beach, and all sorts of other museums too.


I would love to do VA- could you tell me more about specific museums/historical things?



How about Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth, and you could go west a few days and do the living history thing at Old Sturbridge.
I've considered Old Sturbridge, but I don't know anything else about the area. Could you tell me more?


Thank you! Anyone else?

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I would love to do VA- could you tell me more about specific museums/historical things?





Richmond is just full of Historical places too, Children's museum, Science museum.


Yorktown, Jamestown.

Ft Monroe,

Virginia living museum

VA marine science museum.


Kitty Hawk is in NC but not far from VA beach.


Nauticus, USS Wissconson.


Hampton History museum

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Harper's Ferry (WV)

Boston (MA)

Mystic Seaport + Twin Lakes Caves (CT)

Luray Caverns + Shenandoah Valley (VA)


If you do Luray Caverns & Shenandoah Valley, you could also do Natural Bridge, Lexington VA & The Frontier Culture Museum.


Can't remember if it was mentioned before, but what about Washington, DC?


I don't if this isn't East enough for you or what your religious background it , but we want to do Mammoth Cave & the Creation Museum one year.

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You can visit Lexington ( start of day for 'Battle Road' of Amer. Rev.), Concord and the shot heard round the world/Old North Bridge, also home to the Louisa May Alcott home, Walden Pond, so much more. You can whale watch from out of Boston, walk the Freedom Trail, visit the USS Constitution (oldest active naval ship), and so much more. Plimoth Plantation is not too far either.


We have lived in the Boston area for a year and a half and have only scratched the surface of all I want to do before hubby (Air Force) gets moved to next duty station.

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We lived in Boston for a few years and still head back to the North Shore each year for vacation. Boston definitely fits the bill -- you can tour the Old North Church and Paul Revere's home in the North End (plus eat some Italian food), visit the Bunker Hill Monument and U.S.S. Constitution in Charlestown, take a trip to Salem. There are also the New England Aquarium and the Museum of Science to visit. We love the beaches on the North Shore -- about 45 minutes north of Boston -- Good Harbor in Gloucester, Crane Beach in Ipswich are two faves. And, of course, there's Plimoth. We usually stay close to the beach and then head into Boston or Cambridge for day trips. September is when we visit -- school's in session, so it's less crowded and the weather is usually gorgeous.


Happy planning! You have lots of great options. I'll be watching this thread for some ideas for our family too.

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