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Your activities in high school?

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Were you involved in any extracurricula activities in high school? I thought about a poll but there would be so many choices so I thought we'd just make it a discussion instead.


I did the newspaper for one year.

I was in FBLA (future business leaders of america), although I had no interest in business. My typing teacher coerced me and I don't even remember anything we did.

I was on the rifle corps (twirling, not military) for 2 years, and made captain for the 2nd year too.


But that is it. I don't feel like I was a very involved person. The rifle corps was the only thing that took up a signicant portion of my time and that was only during football season. It truly is the only highlight of my high school years.

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I played basketball for one year, kept stats for another, was a Girl Scout and led a troop, tutored, taught Sunday School, babysat (siblings and non), worked retail, and hung out with my boyfriend.


We had a "second home" in a campground and spent our summers plus spring and fall weekends there, which was more fun than being tied to sport and club schedules.

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I played varsity basketball all four years (my true love) and softball and ran cross country, which I hated. I was a student body officer for two years--so much fun! I was in band until the middle of 10th grade, when it started conflicting with my sports, and then I was in choir. I also did Academic Decathlon, National Honor Society, and other nerdy things like that.


I was quite heavily involved and I really loved it. I had a very positive high school experience.

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I sang in two vocal groups (one general and one by audition), but those were technically classes. We did performances and competitions outside of school hours, though, making the distinction kind of blurry.


I briefly participated in a dance club. And I did one year of Junior Achievement.


That was it, but only because my school had no theatre or drama organizations. I did that in junior high and would have happily continued if the opportunity had been there.


I actually blame the lack of that for much of my trouble in high school. I might have stayed and graduated if I'd had any reason to be invested.


As it was, the vast majority of my socializing and interests were based away from school. I played D&D, went to movies, read, had a part-time job, etc. But none of that was related to school.

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Drama Club/Thespians and associated plays and musicals, National Honor Society, my math teacher dragged me along to the Math Bowls (token girl on the team), cheer block. No memory of what else -- I'd have to go check my yearbooks. I helped plan prom one year, but I've no memory of what group that was.

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Boys :glare:


Prior to 10th grade I was in Beta Club and worked on the school newspaper. I wanted to play basketball, but our family schedule conflicted too much. By the end of 9th grade I was more interested in boy chasing than extras for school. In 10th grade I met my now dh. By 11th grade I was married. 11th and 12th my extra-curriculars revolved around my co-op job at the credit union and making enough money to eat. :tongue_smilie:

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Mostly, the student newspaper, orchestra, and track & field. But the only real AFTER-school activity was track & field. I was in a Spanish club that met only once a year: for the yearbook picture. :) Most kids (at my school) weren't in much more than a couple of things back in the 70's. It seems like nowadays, kids tackle a lot more at once.

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I played basketball all 4 years and ran cross-country & track for a 2. My senior year the cheerleading coach talked the school in to buying a bunch of equipment and starting a tv broadcasting class. We wrote and produced weekly shows and learned how to use all the technical equipment. I worked both behind and in front of the camera. It was a lot of fun. Basketball and TV class were about the only part of school I liked. I was pretty bored and over the whole school thing during high school. I wasn't particularly popular but my best friend (and future sil) was a cheerleader, track star and class president so it wasn't like I was left out socially, I just really wasn't that excited about high school.

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I sang in a choir hosted by a local college.


I was a cheerleader for the boys basketball squad.


I was part of a bowling league.


I did girl scouts a few years.


I participated with my church youth group.


I did seminary every morning from 6-7am.


Did I mention I did all that while homeschooling. ;)

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Spanish club


Mostly involved with the AFS students my junior year, 3 guys who were my buddies all year, one was even my prom date. Got elected AFS club president my senior year, after my dear friends all went home. I was a horrible president, horrible. I was in mourning because I missed my buddies and I was graduating at semester anyway, and I knew nothing about how to be good leader. That's one thing I'd like to go back and rectify.


Aside from that I belonged to the I-hate-school-and-don't-want-to-be-here club. It wasn't official, we were too apathetic to have meetings.

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I went to a very small school, as in only 55 students in grades 9 thru 12. My class had 13. So it didn't have much to offer.


I did play basketball (the only reason I even went to school :D) and softball. Lettered in both and we even won districts in my senior year in softball.

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I did choir for 4 years, show choir my senior year, and played volleyball for 2 years. I was in all but two school plays (4 a year) for all four years.


I danced outside of school 3 days a week, did theatre two days a week, and babysit every weekend and Tuesday's after school. I also drove my cousins and two other kids around after school for pay.


I had a boyfriend for a year and went out with friends in any other time I had.

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I ran cross country and track. I put in a lot of time on that year round. Our team was quite good, and I think I went to 9 different state meets. I made first team all-state in my senior year.


I did academic decathlon one year. Our school didn't put much effort into that, but I think most of us earned at least one medal.


I can't remember if I was in the Spanish or French club. I know I did French Contest, and the school's Spanish program was awful. I'll assume it was French.


I "majored" in one main activity. A lot of my classmates participated in many activities. A few of them had large roles in several activities. Most of them showed up for the photo and listed it on their college applications.

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Marching, symphonic, and Jazz band (plus various regional and state level bands and orchestras)-officially classes, but Jazz met in 0th period, before school began, and Marching/Symphonic band met last period, so there were 6 academic periods between them to fill each day.


School musical

VACE (academic competition team)

Library Aide (Basically, I spent any time I wasn't taking college classes my last two years of high school in the library, so since I was there anyway, they might as well let me check out, check in, and shelve books)

National Honor Society



Foreign language club

Key club

Science club

Math club


Probably more clubs I'm forgetting. In my high school, clubs mostly met during

homeroom (arranged alphabetically), and I was alphabetically near a BUNCH of mean-girl types. Signing up for basically every club they didn't want to be in insured that I had a club meeting or project close to daily. Didn't want a leadership role, but if you need someone to give up their homeroom period to fold napkins into swans for the yearly banquet, I'm your girl!

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I did a youth acting troupe at my local community theatre from 8th grade through my junior year. I LOVED it. I also did theatre at my high school for one production and loved that, too... they really needed someone with a voice for their production of Little Shop of Horrors, so I recruited in. haha

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Tennis 4 years

Basketball 1 year

Volleyball 1 year

Cheerleader 1 year


Outside School sports:

Swimming 4 years

Horseback 3 years (broke my coccyx so that ended competitive riding for me)


Debate 4 years

Convention II 3 years

Spanish Club 3 years (finished AP Spanish in junior year)

Junior Achievement 2 years

Science Club 4 years


Flute 2 years (stopped junior, didn't love it enough to continue)


Outside activities:


Girl Scouts


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Band, and lots of it.


Marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, jazz combo, indoor drumline, floor crew for winterguard, and all the other band-related stuff (section leader meetings, extra rehearsals, solos and ensembles, administrative garbage, etc.). If I remembered to go, National Honor Society. I did the AMC math competition for a couple years until the sponsor limited it to Mu Alpha Theta members (like I had time for that?!).


It was not uncommon to spend 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week at the school during the last couple years of high school. I also worked 24 hours a week from December - August (took LOAs during marching band season), took private trumpet lessons, and dated DH during my junior and senior years.


Amazingly, I didn't burn out until college.

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Interestingly, none.


I was a rather socially and intellectually active teen, but somehow none of that was neatly "tied" into school (plus keep in mind that I come from a different culture, where schools serve a more narrow function). So yeah, I was interested in theatre / dramaturgy at some point - but I studied it in actual theatres, with people who worked there, not at school; and as far as my interest in art history was concerned, my city was my classroom more than any other classroom. Reading, likewise, was something that could be done at any point and anywhere and did not require staying at school.


Debate was happening during school hours, outside of school facilities. ;) God knows how many interesting things and tricks I learned caffeinizing myself with friends while we cut a boring lecture or two.


And they also made me study heritage-religious stuff in a semi-private arrangement, but that was unrelated to either school, either specifically my interests as chosen by me.

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Drama Club - Went to State Competition

Journalism public TV station on-air reporter

French Club

Library Assistant

National Honor Society, Senior Superlative


Outside activities-

Traveling Church Choir (huge choir)

Classical Guitar

Horseback -rodeo and worked for a horse auctioneer

Community Theatre Group

Explorer Scout - very active group from 7th to graduation. Camping, canoe trips in swamp, white water rafting, mountain climbing & rappelling, Appalachian Trail backpacking, spelunking, etc.

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Varsity soccer

Basketball (freshman yr. only)

FFA (officer, parliamentary procedure team, beef cattle show team, and chapter sweetheart)

Marching band

Mu Alpha Theta (Math Club)

National Honor Society

Drama (UIL Duet acting)

Student council


And outside of school:

Youth group, youth choir and handbells at church


National Board member for our Jr. beef cattle association


I was pretty involved. :tongue_smilie:

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