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potty training and cloth diapering?

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I have twin boys (3yo) who I have been desperately need to potty trained. I used cloth diapers when they were babies but have switched to disposable pull ups thinking it would not take that long and they would be in undies. Well it's a year later and they are still not trained.


I have tried just making them stay in undies all day and not putting them in pull ups till bed, but I have to clean up from accidents at least 6 times (3 times each boy) a day. Not to mention whatever piece of furniture or floor they happen to get wet too.(this is exhausting) If I put a pull up on them then they just never use the bathroom.


So I was thinking of getting something that can be washed but does not leak to put on them so I do not have to spend so much money! I still have prefolds but not sure if the covers still fit. Or maybe I should get some type of all in one so they can pull them up and down themselves? Any ideas?


The twins will be 4 in March so I would really like to have them at least potty trained during the day KWIM Accidents at night do not concern me as much.

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Where do you find thick training uderwear? Everywhere I go they only have reg underwear or they want $10 for 3 pairs which is crazy when you can get 10pk undies for $7 KWIM



I REALLY had trouble finding them too. I don't know why. Gerber makes them, but they are hard to find. I had success in the clearance bin in walmart, others found them at target. I would call around to different stores.


I had so much trouble that sometimes my son wore the pink flowered ones that his older sisters had worn. Poor kid. I had bleached them so much that the flowers were faded, but still....


For the heavy training pants, I think I paid like 7-8 dollars for a three pack. Yes it was crazy.

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I found some cloth training pants online for my oldest, who was training during this time of the year (thus indoors). My favorites were Imse Vimse which have a waterproof layer sewed between two layers of cloth. Very cute and comfy. They usually did not leak as in puddles, but I had to be aware of when they were wet so I could change them before the pee seeped onto the outer part of the pants. Mostly I just made sure she got onto the potty often enough that she didn't have a lot of accidents.


With my youngest, we did the three-day method outdoors in the summer, using ordinary cloth trainers that leaked. Her accidents were way, way down after day 1 (and she was 17mo and peed frequently). You may not have the luxury of trying this (though some folks just keep them in the uncarpeted/unupholstered areas until they are reliable).

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