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Ha! I was about to do the same thing. I was surprised to hear that some couldn't get to it. 


I'll give a little update for us since I was on it way back in the day. Our son Luke went on from TabletClass Pre-A which worked out well to AoPS Algebra then on to WHA. He is now taking AP Calculus at WHA. Of the three WHA has been the best fit for him. Meanwhile, our younger two dds are taking DO courses and that seems to fit them best for now. Although TC Pre-A was good for our son, I think DO is better for them in the way it builds upon concepts more gradually.

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Our PreA ended up being an unplanned mash up. I didn't really realize we'd already done most of PreAlgebra and had plans of doing PreA next school year.


MM6 + part of MM7

Logic/ set theory parts of Dolciani PreA "New Edition" and MEP secondary

First 6 chapters of CTC Understanding Geometry

Parts of Russian Math 6 as interested

Parts of Alcumus PreA

Most of the the MOEMS book Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics

A standardized test prep book

We are doing the PreA chapters of Jacobs to finish off the school year.


All parts of all three DragonBox apps

Parts of Hands-On Equations


... and an enormous amount of ViHart, Larry Gonick and Murderous Maths

Dd was very young when we did this. Somewhere along the way we tested through Derek Owens PreAlgebra (independently). She went on to Foerster Algebra 1 and did well. Geometry with me this year, and probably Derek Owens from here on. She's one who likes/ needs a textbook, though, so we'll have one hand.




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I really appreciate this thread for guiding me to AoPS/ Dolciani Pre-A way back when!


I was surprised how much of the old MM6 was a review in Dolciani! Dd *hated* MM and we didn't even finish 6 (maybe got almost done with A?) before just shelving it and starting with Dolciani. I think with my youngest, we may do a bit of it but the tedium of the problems in MM were over-the-top and largely a waste of time. We both prefer the way Dolciani approaches the problems and I think it would have been better for her to have jumped from old MM5. 


Looking forward to starting Jacobs Algebra and AoPs Alg soon. I wanted to move toward something with a better answer key (than Dolciani) and some tests as our state counts h.s. credit earned in middle school on the transcript. 

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