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At CMU I my schedule was overloaded with classes. My last semester I took 9 classes. Eight of those were required. The ninth was the one I really wanted to take. We memorized lots of information. We learned to do our creative work the CMU way.


At Antioch I studied poetry, Japanese, women's studies, cross cultural studies, business administration, environmental science and more because I wanted to. I had teachers who were passionate about what they taught. It was the first time I met someone who was truly joyful about mathematics and was able to communicate that enthusiasm to all the non mathy people taking his class. Our classes were small. Discussions were real and deep. I don't think I had one lecture class.


When I was still trying to figure my way around the coop system and decided to create my own, my adviser kept me grounded.


I was able to do so much there beyond the classroom. I started a writer's group with a friend. I served in the community government. I helped to run the women's center.


I transferred in, so I didn't have very many coops (outside work experience). However, I did work in an arts center in New Orleans. I worked as a cook in a Quaker friends house. I spent a summer studying at UC Berkley. After each coop, I returned to Antioch with a new perspective on my studies. It was invaluable to be able to alternate between time on campus and time in "the real world" working.


Antioch (at the time) was really what you made of it. Some floundered there. Some thrived. From my perspective, the slightly older or transfer students often got more out of Antioch because they were more focused and mature.


I am thrilled that Antioch is back up and running. I wish they would offer free tuition for a few more years, though. I just can't see my 11 year old being ready to go to college in three years.:tongue_smilie:

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I have seen a couple of decent deals like this lately and it makes me hopeful that there will be more opportunity in the future for those of us with younger kids.


My oldest is very Artsy and I would love to give him the best possible opportunities and I don't even care if he majors in Art....sorry to those of you adamant that your child not major in Art or Drama.



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It looks like they are admitting a small group each year. Good luck to those that apply (mean that sincerely). I would consider sending ds a year early with an opportunity like that, sadly that still put him out of range. I do hope other colleges consider "deals" like this.

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Uber liberal? How scarey!!!

I think they are on schedule to be accredited with their first graduating class...I'm sure it's a great place for some, and I don't really understand the "liberal" warning. Doesn't pop hit the fan whenever the opposite happens, Lioness? Tit for tat isn't good either way, imo.



:iagree: All the "warning" did was inform me that it may be our kind of place. :tongue_smilie:

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