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Reinforce spelling rules for 5th grade??


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The spelling programs we have used over the last few years have not really taught spelling rules. It has been more of memorizing lists and what not. If I wanted a way to really teach these rules to a 5th grader what would you suggest?

I like the idea of AAS but not the price. I was thinking of trying HTS? Or is there a list of spelling rules that I can just work through?

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My favorite is the logic of english curriculum. It teaches the nuts and bolts of the english language w/almost no teacher prep and has spiraling review. I am learning right along with my dc and have made some very long strides. The book, Uncovering the Logic of English by Denise Eide has all the rules and is excellent teacher training written in a very clear format. She helps you see the sense in it all. The Writing Road to Reading has a revised edition that is supposed to have teacher helps. It is the original if you're worried about cost.


If you need just a resource, ABCs and all their tricks is like an encyclopedia of sounds and spelling rules, etc..

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is there a list of spelling rules that I can just work through
Here is the list of Spalding spelling rules. You can use it to work through any spelling list. Options:


1. Ayres word list


2. Logic of English spelling list


3. Spelling Plus list followed by Words Frequently Misspelled by High School Students


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