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Chair pockets/pouches-looking for recommendations

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I really want to get chair pockets/pouches for our school chairs. I have smaller chairs than regular dining room chairs and Aussie Pouches come in the right size. I've seen some on Etsy that might fit, but I wonder about the durability and quality. Can anyone recommend a particular product? I'd like 2 pockets, approximately 13" wide x 15" wide and if it has an angled top that would be an even better fit.

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Here is one of our Aussie Pouches. I got one for each of my children piped in "their color". My 13 year old son is "Red", my daughter is "Yellow", my 8 year old son is "Orange" and my youngest son is "Blue".


We have had the Aussie Pouches for almost 2 years now and they hold up very well through daily wear and tear and constant pulling out and putting in of school supplies. They are large and roomy and can fit a good bit of supplies like notebooks, binders or reading books. We picked the one with double pockets. I highly recommend the Aussie Pouches ! They have several different choices and colors to choose from. We chose the Twill Material with the pin stripe of color. They also have them available in Denim and I think other fabrics too. schoolroom8.jpg

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The Aussie Chair Pouch slips right over the top of the chair, sort of like a pillowcase. They fit great and stay on well so there is no slipping or moving around.


The extra yellow binding you see is actually my daughter's "pocket window" that is hanging out of one of the Aussie Chair pockets. It has nothing to do with the Aussie Chair pocket itself. She uses these "pocket windows" to put her worksheets in and write on them with a dry erase marker. I can see in the picture how you would think it is part of the Aussie Chair Pouch, but it is not.

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