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ONE More Audition Question: I promise.....my last

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You all were so kind to provide me with sample Resumes for an acting audition.. If you can bear with me for one more question:


The dc who is auditioning has NO acting experience -- nothing formal -- the closest thing is writing and acting in an Odyssey of the Mind play and writing the music and lyrics for that endeavor.


The producers say that a Resume is not necessary - if the child doesn't have one THAT is okay --


Should I take the out and not provide one since there is really nothing 'concrete' and relevant that I could put on a Resume for this dc?


fwiw, this dc is auditioning b/c a friend of the producers told them about dc and they contacted me and asked if he would audition.....otherwise we wouldn't even know about this opportunity.


Your thoughts?

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I would make one so they at least have some information about your child. Has your child done any type of performance training? Dance, gymnastics, public speaking? Any special talents?[/QUOTE]


In red, yes. he has been writing songs for the guitar for awhile and he takes music lessons. He has been asked to sing one of his own songs at funerals (I'm sorry - I know that probably sounds morbid) - one of the songs he wrote for our own family and word traveled and people have asked him to sing.


He writes 'plays' for presentations at co-op and at CC. He gets a fair amount of exposure, and this has resulted in people passing his name on to the producers.


I did wonder, after posting, if it night not be wise for them to have his personal info on a Resume (so to speak) with his headshot.

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Sounds like you could go either way (you could skip it completely), and it'd be fine. But just so you know, they are interested in other things besides acting. Can he sing? Do acrobats? Know accents well? Ride a unicycle? Swim with a swim team?


Interesting -- yes -- many other activities that are not acting -- thanks for bringing that up -- that is a good point.

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