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Foerster's Algebra an Honors text?

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I was all set to use Foerster's Algebra 1. I ordered it and my husband's initial reaction was that it looked good but very challenging. A friend of mine who used to teach high school math was visiting and saw the Foerster's text on my counter. She said, "That's a really good text but I would never teach from it. Use it as a supplement especially for the word problems which are great." She said it has a lot of Algebra 2 topics in it and would be more of an Algebra 1 Honors text. I'm afraid my non-mathy child will really hate math if I use this text? Any opinions?



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I considered it after using his Algebra 2 text very successfully with my elder dd. I really like the way he presents material


I decided against it for dd2 for much the same reason that you cite. I stuck with Jacob's Algebra and then Geometry, and only went to Forster when my dd2 was older and ready for a meaty math text.


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We just started Foerster Algebra 1. I also own Lial's and all its components. We have a year and a half to get through the text, and we are just going to take it slow. I choose to get the Math Without Borders dvd to accompany it. Right now I only have the TM and student book. I may eventually get the solution manual. (Anyone have one to sell used?)


I think it may get challenging, but I am willing to try it. I like the uncluttered look, and the author's emphasis on showing work and how to do it. We are only to the end of chapter 2, but ds's homework has been so much neater and laid out. I don't know what qualifies a course to be honors.

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