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Teacher's Lodge 1-27-2012

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Good morning everyone, starting the thread early as I'm up now and planning on going back to sleep in a bit. Didn't get much sleep last night as the power went out and DD is terrified of the dark, so after it came back on it still took me 2 hour to get her back down to sleep.



What's for breakfast/lunch? NO idea here yet - it's Cowboy breakfast today for the rodeo starting next week and I can smell the breakfast tacos from my house as I'm only about a mile away from the site. Breakfast for us will toast probably.


What do you have planned today? For us, today is going to be an easy day. Cleaning, and grocery shopping only I think.


Why did you decide to homeschool? For us, it was a natural thing - I was homeschooled from 4th-9th, and when DD was born I was fairly sure we would homeschool her too. Then when we discovered her multiple food allergies, some of which are airborne, it sealed the deal for homeschooling.

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Frugalmama-- hope you can get some sleep. Those breakfast tacos sound good :drool5:


What's for breakfast/lunch?


Breakfast -- I had coffee and kiddos had sweet tea. Yeah not exactly a great breakfast :blushing: but we got up late and no one wanted anything. Will be having an early lunch.


Lunch -- no clue :confused1: better start thinking




What do you have planned today? Some schooling then housecleaning.


Why did you decide to homeschool? Hsing would mean dh could see dc, school meant he wouldn't see them except on Sunday. That along with other things that were going on at that time just made it feel right. I had started thinking about it when I found out I was pregnant but never mentioned it to dh until dc1 was about 3. When I mentioned it he was very open to the idea.


Oh I made the announcement that we would be doing housecleaning today and kiddo2 said "Don't we have to go somewhere? Anywhere?" :lol:

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Happy Friday!


What's for breakfast/lunch? We finally got our egg delivery! So I'm having two eggs, 1 everything bagel thin and water


Lunch will be a salad with some leftover carne asada in it for protein.


What do you have planned today? School, Grading, Filing, Laundry, Cleaning . . . ie. the usual. I'm waiting to hear if dd's standing client wants his two large "zucchini/no nuts" since dh and ds will see him tonight at a Bible study. If he does, I'll have to run to the grocery store for zucchini and dd will be baking zucchini bread. While the boys are at the men's Bible study, dd and I will have some girl time. We got some fabric to make a bright pink tiger print book cover for her so tonight we'll work on that.


Why did you decide to homeschool? When I was single, I read Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's "For the Children's Sake". I determined at that time that if I ever got married, I would either start a Charlotte Mason cottage school or I would homeschool. I ended up homeschooling.

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Good Morning. Have a nice nap today.


What's for breakfast/lunch? Breakfast for me was my usual (Greek yogurt, berries & flax). One dd made scrambled eggs and cream of wheat. The other had grits & eggs. Lunch will be leftover burgers from dinner last night.


What do you have planned today? Today is our science day with our friends - I should probably look at the lesson soon. I'm also taking our last two hens to a friend; the local bobcat has decided our yard is a chicken buffet. Other than that it is work, laundry, dinner, school - the usual.


Why did you decide to homeschool? I never really decided to home school. I took my ds out of school in middle school to save him. It was the best choice at the time. The younger kids were just folded in as they got to school age. We evaluate every year if homeschooling is the right choice for each child and look at other alternatives.

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Good morning all {for the second time :D}! I'm up for the day now and taking it easy today as I am on the edge of an eye flare {I have Thyroid Eye Disease}. So today's plans just got tossed out the window!


Breakfast here is blueberry cheesecake muffins - I love mixes :lol:. Today's new plan is to veg on the PC and work on lesson plans. Hoping the mailman has something for me today - this waiting is so hard!


Karen in CO - sorry to hear about your bobcat problem. My brother has the same problem at his place in OK except it's mountain lions.


Hope you all are having a great day :auto:

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