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Does anyone know of any residential/respite programs ANYWHERE for adult kids with ASD

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and other disorders? (In this case, ASD, brain injury, and OCD)


One of my dear friends has a 20 yr old who desperately needs a respite/residential placement that can handle his special needs. Unfortunately, he passed the high school exit exam, and they allowed him to graduate, so she can't even get the daytime support from the school district anymore. Over the last year, he's gone from generally stable to frequent violent outbursts, and his time between being hospitalized is getting shorter. She's convinced he's getting worse which each hospitalization, and is to the point where she doesn't feel she can safely bring him home with her younger child in the house. She's been told that, unless something happens at the hospital tonight that he'll be released again tomorrow, and she literally has no idea where to turn or what to do. She's checked every stone she can find, and has found nothing, and is completely desperate.


I'm honestly afraid that this is going to kill her-she's already got high blood pressure, and she looked horrible tonight.

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How is your friend today? I have been praying for her since I read this. I didn't post earlier b/c our experience in TN was far from helpful. We were told either to have our ds arrested so that a judge could order the state to intervene or to surrender custody to the state (our ds was a minor). Every resource we found cost between $5-9000/month. It is a horrid place to be in. The reality may be that in order to seek help she is going to end up having to go through the legal system.

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She was going to pick him up from the hospital after dance practice tonight, so they should be on their way home now. The younger child has a slumber party with a classmate tonight, and I'm ready to pick her up and bring her back here if her parents think it's necessary, for as long as is needed.


Apparently in TN there's a gap in services you can drive a truck through-a majority of programs either take individuals under 18, or over 21. While the programs that take under 18 individuals will often keep their clients until 21 if they're already in the program, they won't take new clients who are over 18, so if your just barely adult child has a breakdown, it's very hard to find a long-term placement for them. And this has really only gotten bad in the past 6 months. It's been scary to watch his deterioration, and I don't have to live with it. If they can somehow last until November, when he turns 21, some other options will open up, but somehow, that seems very, very far away.

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