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Singapore Biology Matters content question

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Can you tell me if the Singapore Biology Matters textbook or workbook contain any STD, teen sex, teen pregnancy, sexuality, or birth control subject matter?


I don't remember if it was in Biology Matters or in Interactive... it was fairly boring and we skipped it in favor of a more useful and specific discussion.

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They both do.


In Interactive A there is a chapter on S*x**l Reproduction in Human Beings. They cover the subjects matter of factly, but they do cover contraception, STDs, and abortion. Plus the drawings of anatomical parts are clear. It is the last chapter and the book. The STD section includes some pretty yucky photos of disease. You could skip it and even tear it out of the book if you wanted. I covered it with my oldest, but we did it together. It doesn't really take a stand one way or the over just covers it factually.


Biology Matters also has a chapter on Human Reproduction. Edited to add: This chapter uses similar diagrams of anatomical parts and has much more textual detail on reproduction. It does cover STDs and prevention (and mostly focuses on HIV) but does not include abortion or birth control.


Oddly the Interactive book contains what I suspect will be more objectionable material, but it does not feel like they are advancing any kind of agenda with the coverage of that material. Abortion, for instance, is mostly handled as a small group discussion and they do suggest using ethical guidelines.

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Darn. Well, my biggest concern is whether it (Biology matters textbook or workbook) contains statistics or discussions on teen pregnancy or teen STD rates. To me that says a lot of teens are doing it and we expect you will too. That is why I am looking for a scientific approach. Do you think this book can work for me? :confused:


I can tell you that your concern is not how the Singapore text approaches it all. Remember they are much more diverse than the USA culturally and probably have some pretty conservative thinking folks (they have multiple religious and cultural backgrounds in their population).


They are much more scientific in their approach. The photos of STDS in Interactive are pretty horrifying. They do assign students to research pros and cons of having an abortion and even include a chart with reasons not to have one. However, they do have a cartoon of a teen who is pregnant. However that all falls on one page back and front you could tear out along with the page on STDs.


I'd say, you can get the book and either remove the whole chapter or just the pages you want if you really don't like them.

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