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Questions about Writing With Ease, Level 4


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Based on recommendations, I think I am going to do WWE with my 5th grader next year. I'm probably going to try level 4 with her, and if it's too much, we'll go slowly, or we'll drop back to level 3. But while her creative skills are great, I think she needs the help with organizing and composing. I've been looking at the sample pages online, but I still have a few questions.


So, I need the big parent guide and the individual workbook, right? Do I need the student pages too?


How many days a week is it designed to be used?


I should expect to spend a fair amount of time with her on this, correct? It's not so much self-taught?


I know there are reading selections for each lesson. Will it also work to coordinate it with history, so that her practice exercises are also history narrations, or is that not feasible? Just wondering.

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Writing with Ease Level 4 is one book that includes both the teacher's pages and the student's pages. There is no need to buy another book. My son will be doing this level when he turns 11. Right now I am moving him quickly through level 3.


It is designed to be used 4 days a week. It takes about 15 minutes per lesson. It is NOT self-taught, but it is scripted so just say what the teacher's page says to say.

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Thank you; that is very helpful. So I only need the Instructor Text if I want to choose my own copywork/dictation? If I buy the workbook that you linked to, I don't need the instructor text after all? I thought I needed both, so great!


(Dumb question about copyrights. If I buy the PDF version of the workbook, am I allowed to use it for my daughter and then later for my sons?)

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If you want to choose your own, you only need the instructor text. The workbook does not require the instructor manual.


Excellent; thank you for clarifying that for me!


I know as far as the physical books go, you are allowed to copy within your family. I assume the PDFs would be the same.


Yes! I love pdfs for this reason.


Great! Things that benefit a large family. . . :)

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