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How many rules does a....

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narcissist break in court??



ALL of them!


#1 Be there at 8:30....

He arrives at 8:50 (I had to drive 100 miles, he had to drive 6) (I am sure there is a five minute explanation, but, I am not up to hearing it...)


#2 Use ink pen on form, keep answers brief

He types


#3 No attachments will be allowed

What he types is: See Attachments (!!!!!)


#4 Do NOT involve children/put them in the middle/No, the judge does NOT want to see letters from children! (spoken in court by judge over a year ago)


So, a few pages of the attachments are, of course, letters from the children!




In any event, I was told by an important associate with the case that this just shows who he is....


I can hope...

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I hope you have a good judge who can see through this nonsense. Of course it is ALL about him and of course he knows how to do it "better". I am sorry.


I have a dear friend who has an ex with the same narcissist problems and though it was long and hard, the judge did see through him eventually and things worked out as much in her favor as she would have liked - the important stuff that is. She, and her lawyer, said about her case that she was just quiet, didn't argue, was polite and respectful and let his jerkiness speak for itself. I wish you the very best. I am sure this is painful. :grouphug:


I know this is a serious situation, not to make light of it but I thought you might appreciate this joke which starts like your thread title started -


How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one - the narcissist holds the light bulb and the world turns beneath him...

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