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More wiggly-kid phonics questions


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I think I've narrowed it down to Jolly Phonics, Dancing Bears, or AAR.


My concern with AAR is that all the levels are not out yet. I have Pre-level 1, but I hesitate to sink more money into the program if there is a chance the levels may not be ready when I need them. My son doesn't like to draw/write/color, so all the coloring pages have pretty much gone to waste. I hope that level 1 doesn't contain a lot of coloring pages.


I am considering Jolly Phonics followed by Dancing Bears. Would this be a good comob? (It seems that Jolly Grammar does not get the rave reviews that Jolly Phonics does.)


Does anyone have any input they can share as to the pros/cons of these programs that might help me in my decision?

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I hope that level 1 doesn't contain a lot of coloring pages.



I don't know if there is anything to color in L1 (there are some things you COULD color, but mainly I see activities like "feed the monster" and fluency practice). You might look at the sample Activity Book to see.


HTH as you try to decide the best fit for you & your son! Merry :-)

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Have you heard or looked at Primary Arts of Language (PAL) from IEW?


This program made me want to have more children. The program seems to be GREAT. I have a few friends using it and their children BEG for PAL. They really do. They are learning a lot too.


The program has so many pluses I cannot name them all.


excellent return policy

program can be used for many children without high cost (one consumable part)


independent work


All About Spelling used with it

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