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Reading to order workbooks


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hand them to the boys and say, "do this"


And I am talking about EVERY subject.


I am done trying to stand on my head backwards to "entertain" them and make it interesting.


Ok, just having a bad day.....don't beat me up.....I am just tired of the whining and the "how many more pages do we have to read?" while I am in the MIDDLE of a paragraph.


I have threatened this before and dag nab it.....I am getting closer and closer.


PART of my frustration is an almost 14 year old with special needs who is in a bad mood pretty much all the time.



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:grouphug: Sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time with your ds. My 3 yo ds had me in tears last night-his sensory stuff was out in full force yesterday and everything I tried didn't help. The ongoing frustration just gets to be too much sometimes!


Hope you have a better day!

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