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Another doggy question

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I hope you guys don't mind, I've tried dog forums but I find them a bit, intense or something, judgmental perhaps?


We have a boxer puppy, she is 10 months old. For a little while there I really wondered whether we had done the right thing, but her behaviour is really improving and obedience club is helping heaps. Walking her can still be *interesting* as when she sees another person or dog she gets very excited but it's getting MUCH better. I can make her sit and stay now to stop her pulling to try to get to the people/dogs/birds that we see along the way.


My main issue is that she jumps on visitors. She never, ever, ever jumps up at the family. We have been strict from day one and turned our backs and ignored her and she has learnt not to do it. She rubs against us and does this cute little paw dance and wags her tail so hard that it wags her whole butt :001_wub:and then generally goes and sits down because she knows that we will pat her when she is sitting nicely. But with visitors, she gets so darned excited to see them that she jumps. We have some visitors that are used to dogs and just ignore her or turn away and she calms quickly with them, stops jumping and behaves well.


It's the ones who are scared of dogs, they get scared and don't want her near them, she gets more and more excited and more desperate to see them the more we keep her away. I put her on the lead, and make her sit beside me on her mat. But what I would like her to do is simply not jump at visitors and I'd love some ideas on how to achieve this as I don't like putting her on a lead for long periods in the home (or locking her out for that matter).


Thanks in advance :)

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