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Dh is looking for a good book on Abe Lincoln. Any recs?

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Homeschooling has turned dh into a history junkie. (The jury is still out on the kids.) Dh just finished an 800-page book on George Washington. Now he is trying to find a good book on Abraham Lincoln. His free time is limited for fun reading, so he asked me to research and find him a quality book. There are so many from which to choose that I can't decide. Can anyone recommend a good Abe Lincoln biography? Dh is an arch conservative if that makes any difference. It doesn't have to be 800 pages. :D



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Thanks to all for the recs. I will look into them.


I really don't understand what being an arch conservative has to do with Lincoln biographies... there's one simply called Lincoln, by Benjamin P. Thomas that has always been highly rated. There's one called The Real Lincoln, but I've read that there are numerous falsities and many "incomplete" quotes in it. If your dh is a southern apologist, though, he'd probably eat it up, for that seems to be who it was written for.


Dh is not a southern apologist, just a general politcal conservative. Sometimes I read things by liberal-leaning authors that tend to either cut out all reference to God, criticize people who believe in God, be too PC for my taste, etc. I was just trying to avoid something along those lines.

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I read an interesting one a few years ago that focused on Lincoln's depression/mental health and its effect on his life & presidency. Can't remember the title.


ETA: here it is http://www.amazon.com/Lincolns-Melancholy-Depression-Challenged-President/dp/0618773444/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327540100&sr=8-1

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Interesting responses here.


Dh knows a Lincoln expert. I know he (Tom Schwartz) recommends this book and probably others:


Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power by Richard Carwardine



And here is a link to books at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum online store:


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My dh is a huge fan Lincoln and has bought about 20 books on him....his favorite book is Team of Rivals...so another vote there. He found it facinating that Lincoln chose his rivals for the presidential nomination for his cabinet. I picked up Killing Lincoln for him for Christmas and read it myself, though didn't really feel that I learned anything new from what I had read in several of the juvenile biographies that I read with my dc. But it was still good.

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