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Anyone have McAfee Total Protection?

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We downloaded McAfee Total Protection onto our desktop and my laptop. When it was first downloaded onto both, I had to change the settings to allow Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to have full internet access.


My laptop is fine. I've had no issues since changing those settings. The desktop, OTOH, has to be restarted for the internet to work. I changed the security settings on the desktop to allow all programs on the computer to be given full internet access, and it fixed it for a few hours, but then it had to be restarted because the internet wasn't connecting. I've also unplugged the computer, modem, and router, and restarted them all (modem first, then router, and then computer) and it fixed the issue for a few hours, but it had to be restarted again in a few hours.


It isn't our DSL modem, because we have a router connected to it for my laptop and iTouch, and I've been using those without issue. We believe it has to do with McAfee.


Any idea what to do? We will be calling McAfee tomorrow if no one on here has any ideas.



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