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what do you make of this? (math perfectionism again)

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About once every ten to fourteen days my five-year-old has a day where she hits a block with her math. She is very much a perfectionist and when she sees a problem that could be "hard" she won't even attempt it or the smaller parts that she DEFINTELY knows. All of the other days, though, she completes her math (we're using MEP) within 20 minutes and doesn't even complain about it being too hard.


On these days we switch out to Miquon or living math or games or whatever.


It almost seems as though she has forgotten everything we've gone through. :confused: But then, the next day, she knows everything again and she is full steam ahead.


I think I'm going to start calling it "processing days" where all the information she's sucked up needs to be sorted and her brain's a little shorted for the day. :001_huh:

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I don't know but DS would do that on a much tighter rotations (3-5 days) with Math Mammoth (mastery based .. so that's after several solid lessons of a single topic) and I was learning that this is how he reacts to being "over" a topic. Is there any chance something similar might be going on with your DD?

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It happens here, too. I think it is perfectly normal -- and related to the fact that IQ tests for such young children can be all over the map -- their processing varies a lot, and some days their brains seem to be working on something completely unrelated to the "task at hand".


Though Button's emotional management is even more volatile than his math performance ;) ... this has been quite a week on that front!!!!!

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My 10 year old still does that. He has always done that. It's like one day he is on fire then the next day he can't add correctly. It's really bizarre. We argue about math a lot. :D


I think we all have good and bad days though. Some days I'm sharp and everything makes sense to me. Some days I struggle. Some days I feel REALLY stupid.


:iagree: And some days I KNOW I'm stupid. :001_smile: At least where math is concerned.


OP, you're doing great by switching things around. Variety really helps. I know I love to switch things around myself when things get boring. Be it using a different book or rearranging my furniture till the hubby complains.

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