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How to Challenge my DS in LA, 3rd Grade


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We are okay in math, as he is learning the multiplication tables.


For Language Arts we are using all sorts of things: WWW, GWG, SWS, Handwriting, CLE Reading, Wordly Wise, Writing in Action, Primary Analogies and lots of reading - yet he says it is too easy. He just finished 4 pages of GWG in 5 minutes - and retains the info.


We tried WWE and Writing Tales but they were both so very slow.


I would love to add or replace some of our Language Arts materials with a fast moving program. Any ideas? Should I push him to 4th grade work?


I feel like I have looked at every writing program, and they all seem similar and slow.


Should I add more other work? Latin? What do you do when your child is quick to learn the information? How do I better challenge him without adding busy work?

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Thanks for your response! I keep trying to add something to challenge him, and had not really thought of pushing him up a level. I don't want to pile on more work - so I think you are right.


I looked at some 4th grade work for LA and he could easily complete it! He is a great reader, so it makes sense, and this is the beauty of HSing.



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Try KISS Grammar. My son had been using GWG for years, and it was fine-he was retaining pretty well, but man, it was boring and easy. We switched to KISS in January and it is HARD. He is challenged and so am I!


Does your son study Latin? It's very good for a child who is advanced in Language Arts, IMO.


ETA: Just saw that you're not doing Latin yet. I highly recommend it. My older loves Latin, and it is challenging for him (but more for me LOL)

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