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I need something that teaches the mechanics...


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of writing to a 7th grader and would prefer the curriculum meet the following criteria:

Strategies that provide a common language across grade levels and content areas


*Interpreting textbooks

*Varieties of writing for different purposes

*Note taking and study skills

*Listening and speaking skills


Stategies that increase critical thinking skills


*Analyzing text

*Producing organized, clear communications

*Synthesizing information into knowledge


Strategies that teach the writing process


*Narrative, personal narrative, and expository writing

*Sentence, paragraph and multiparagraph writing


Stategies that improve reading Comprehension


*Response to literature




DS will be coming home in the Fall. I've been looking at WWE4/WWS but am now wondering if I should supplement WWS with something that teaches more structure of sentences, paragraphs, and explores writing styles. Help me please, as I'm a total N00b to this curriculum selection thing....





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We've alternated WWS and Writing Strands this year with good success. Writing Strands is very gentle, 1 week on, 1 week off, but each lesson covers a different style of writing and builds upon previous knowledge. Book 2 (the beginning of actual writing for them) starts with how to write a sentence. We've found them to be nice resources to go back and study when a different style writing assignment comes up in another subject, too.

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