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X-post~Not sure what to do with my 3rd gr. Aspie ds and LA (plus ramblings lol)

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We're using CLE for LA and he's not retaining anything. I really don't think he's "getting it". Last year we did CLE also and it was fine. This year, not so fine. The weird thing is with his standardized testing last year, he scored really well in the LA portion. I can't remember exactly, but at least two grade levels ahead.


I don't even know where to turn right now, but he's struggling with understanding it. He's an Aspie, if that has anything to do with it, I don't know. He also struggles with math, but we are able to deal with it using TT3.


The only thing he really doesn't struggle with are spelling and video games (not that video games are part of our hs, just sayin';)).


He's a smart kid, really, he is. I just feel like he's struggling so much lately. We've finally got his attitude straightened out about school and got him to the point of actually doing his work with out totally bucking me and now this.


Sigh...I feel badly for him b/c I don't know how to help him. He's being such a good sport about school lately that this is bumming me out. If he was digging in his heals and throwing attitude like he used to, I wouldn't feel so badly for him:tongue_smilie:.

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Copywork is great for learning punctuation and sentence flow by osmosis. I like WWE 1 for that.


Grammar Tales, Parts of Speech Tales, Brian Cleary Books, and Ruth Heller books might all be helpful for grammar. Schoolhouse Rock is also great. Super Duper Inc. makes some great Fun Decks to help with a wide variety of grammar concepts.


The Sentence Family might be a good idea. It's actually written for the 4th grade, but might work fine.


I also like the Language Smarts workbooks from Critical Thinking Company.


If you need more hands on stuff, then you might look into Montessori Grammar.

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I'm not familiar with CLE. What part of the language lesson does he struggle with? I get that you have said he isn't retaining, but I'm not sure whether you mean overall comprehension or if it is something more specific-grammar, composition, narration?

The grammar. That's where he's struggling. One on-going thing is quotation marks. Also, identifying adjectives and identifying the complete subject and complete predicate. That's what comes to the front of my mind.


What is TT3?


Does your child have auditory processing issues?

Maybe something like FastForWord or Earobics would help


TT3 is Teaching Textbooks year 3. It's a math curriculum that's done on the computer.


I have no idea if he has auditory processing issues. How do I find out? I will check out your suggestions.


Thanks everyone. Any other suggestions?

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