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Loop schedule fine-tuning

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So just last week some kind posters introduced me to Loop Schedules. I'd never heard of that before. I looked up some threads and thought I'd give it a try. But somethings not quite right with mine...


Do I list for example, math just once on my loop or do I list it 4 times, spread out?

Do I have ds continue his work in his freetime that day if he's dawdled all day?

Do I have ds do work on Saturday if he's dawdled all week?


Also, I figure it'll take 3 hours on an average day to get their personal loops done. Plus our science and/or history for the day. We wanted to start school at 9am to be done with their stuff by noon. Yet mornings are tough to get them mentally ready, plus if they do chores, animals, etc in morning how do you fit it all in? Weekly activities start by 1 or 2ish on our busy days. And by lunch they want a break. After activities we're all toast. OMG how do you fit it all in?! What am I doing wrong? On paper our schedule is fine but in practice the transitions alone kill us!

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:lurk5: You may want to read a bit of the Swann articles. Her kids worked, I think, for 3 hours/day every day that the father worked. In other words, they had a 2 week vacation every year as a family and every federal holiday off and Sundays. (assuming that the dad had federal holidays off.) In that 3 hour school period each day they worked through with minimal breaks.


I'm not saying that her way is best, just that it is interesting reading. Take what you like and toss the rest.




Sorry, I just realized that I probably didn't answer your question. Maybe that article will give you some food for thought, anyway. OOPS!

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Just be consistent with your time. Some days they might not get much done. That is the beauty of the loop. Other days they will get more than enough done and make up for the off days.


Also, have you read Managers of Their Homes? In theory, we have 2-1/2 hours of school each day. One hour where the girls are working out of their workboxes. Then we have an hour break where they get to play. Then another hour of working on their workboxes. Then we have lunch and chores, then get together for history/science, alternating days.


How I have turned workboxes into a loop is this: They each have 9 workboxes. If they don't finish them all the first hour, they continue on them the second hour. Once they are done, they are free for the rest of that hour. However, if they are speeding right through everything and get done within the first hour, I refill the drawers and they start over the second hour. So, in a way, they get rewarded for working diligently, but not rushing. :D


Hope this helps, and good luck figuring it all out!

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