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This year was our first year homeschooling, so I tried to stick more to the basics and not add a lot of extras in until I felt like we knew what we were doing. :001_smile: Next year, I'd like to let the kids choose an "elective", a subject that they will work on once or twice a week. I've mentioned this to them and told them to be thinking about what they would like to study. My oldest dd was quick to decide - photography. But the others have had a hard time thinking of something, so I thought I would give them a list of choices. So far I've come up with cooking, logic, and sewing. Now I am having a hard time thinking of anything. :tongue_smilie:


What are your ideas for creative and easy to do elective choices? Any good resources for those ideas? I'm trying to give myself enough time to get everything together for all the kids so that it can be done well (also so I can budget).

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Psychology, foreign language, art, music, PE, drama/public speaking, technology...

Of course, that's assuming that those topics aren't already core subjects in your homeschool.


I guess I should add that we already do piano and orchestra, basketball, Tae Kwon Do, and dance, as well as drama (those are all spread out among the 5 kids). We did those things before homeschooling, so I didn't think to include those. The kids are also in a homeschool chess club and we do Latin in our homeschooling.

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