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Sonlight B+C or HOD Preparing


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My 8yo boy and 10yo girl are really enjoying the books we are reading for Preparing. We are in Unit 8, and so far the primary focus has been on Biblical history (which is fine with me!). They frequently beg me to read more, but I end up saying no because I don't want to mess up the plans.


I don't know if you are planning on following the plans for narrations, history projects, research, etc. I've found that my 10yo can handle everything just fine. I have tweaked a bit for my 8yo, because he's just not as skilled at putting his ideas into words and then onto paper yet. We have been skipping the research box because it suggests going onto wikipedia to find out the information. I just can't see my 8yo and 10yo weeding through all that info to find out a few answers to questions. We are doing the geography and timeline; those activities only take a few minutes and my dc enjoy them.


We aren't continuing with HOD next year; I desire to keep my dc all combined for content subjects. Besides that, I don't know that my 8yo would be able to handle CTC next year. (If we were determined to continue with HOD, I'd probably take our time with Preparing so that it takes longer than a year.) I'm also looking forward to being able to read as much as they want to hear without having to worry about messing up the plans! (My 7yo is finding the history readings in Beyond too short for his liking.)


Anyway, I hope you figure out which program will work best for you! :)

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I have used HOD in the past. My 10 yo son hated notebooking pages and most activities. He wants to read and discuss. My 8 yo son likes activities and I will let him do what he can handle on his own as I don't feel I have the time for it (I have other children.) My 6 yo will also listen in, so I am obviously not using HOD as they would tell me to on their boards. I also do not think we will go on to CTC. I mostly just want a history reading schedule, but I am afraid that SL will not provide the Biblical worldview I desire. The other thing that interests me about Preparing is the guidance for beginning written narrations.


I will not do HOD's science as it turned my son off from science when used Bigger. I will go light on the poetry as I thought it was overkill in Bigger.


I already have the books for Preparing, but not the guide. I had planned to use it in fall of 2011, but then changed my mind.

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I think you could just use those from Preparing... History would be the Reading About History, History Project, Independent History Box which has the Draw and Write book and other really great books on the kids' level to read on their own, and the rotating box (the geography pertaining to the history, vocab from the history readings which could be skipped, a guided research day which would be awesome to do since your kids would probably enjoy the computer research :), and I forget what the other day is!)...then the story time ties into the history so great that you'll do that too...and Bible is awesome and ties in too!


All that you're leaving out are the basics and the science, which we happened to like MUCH better in Preparing than in Bigger. Oh, and the poetry...my DD didnt' like poetry so much at first but is loving the creative writing lessons she gets to do with it this year. You wouldn't have to do it, but may find you want to. It's a lot of fun and great poems. Really, by doing History, Bible, and Read Alouds you'll be doing the meat of the program, and you'll have the Christ-centeredness you said you are wanting with books you know you can trust to not have to pre-read!

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