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Somebody sit on my hands and don't let me type!

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So.....Would it be breaking any board rules?


I want to use my imagination.


No. :)



That is HILARIOUS! I love it! That is so getting posted on Facebook today!


I felt like that last night except nobody tied my hands and I did type. Today I did a lot of facebook deleting!


That's what I had to refrain from last night heh. Then decided I should make totally sure it didn't get tracked back to me somehow here either.


Aww... okay, :grouphug: because something somewhere isn't quite right. :)


Thank you! But it was just something that bothered me but really was none of my business in the end.


Sorry guys, didn't mean to stir your curiosity and then go nah, nah, I'm not telling...if you're really dying to know I'll be happy to PM you (and then you'll see it wasn't all that interesting to begin with lol, just something that bugged me, and I had to mind my own business about it rather than getting into it on Facebook. Started to vent here and then thought, yeah, like I need it getting tracked back to me somehow, so I deleted it.


But now I'm glad I did just because of that "Somebody's wrong on the internet" link hahaha.

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