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Printable reference for weight, length, etc.


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Is there a printable reference guide that gives an example of various measurements? (For example, a paperclip weighs approximately one gram?) My son is having to re-learn this every year, and I think memorizing a common item that's a specific weight/length/volume would make a huge difference.

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Life is so ironic! I just went back to searching for a good Imperial/metric equivalence chart printable since I hadn't been able to find what I wanted previously. I DID find this for the metric system during that search. I think I must be Google impaired.:tongue_smilie: Anyway, for those interested, here it is: http://www.education.com/reference/article/referents-common-metric-measurement/


ETA: If anyone knows where to find something similar for the Imperial system, I would absolutely love to have the link!

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