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Homeschool in the Woods--World War II


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I know this is an older post but I wanted to add...


I just came back from a homeschool conference and Homeschool in the Woods was in the vendor hall. The WWII lapbook was AMAZING! Well, all of their work is pretty spectacular. The Mr., who is a history buff was so enamored with it, I thought he was going to buy the package for himself :)

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HSITW doesn't function as an entire history curriculum. It focuses only the event that the kit is named for. I am currently working through WWII with my son and he is enjoying some of the activities. Making the maps and the timeline has been fun for him but I can also see how he tires of too much cut and paste. Already I have had to help him cut out some small pieces that he didn't want to mess up. Honestly, most of the work has been done by me as I print out materials and organize everything. There are games that I am not going to print out because it requires so much ink and cutting. Maybe an older child would be able to do this more independently. He is only 9 so he is really on the young end for this lap book. I think an older child might get more out of it. He is also able to do the daily copywork but that is definitely not his favorite thing to do. There is an activity where you print out a newspaper and the child writes articles in it, that activity is beyond his abilities. I am going to push through and complete as many of the activities as we can and hope that he'll come back to it when he is older.


By the way, the whole study is designed to last for about a month.

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