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Has anyone combined ILL and GP?


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Next Fall ds8 will be in 4th. For English, we've been enjoying PLL. I wish to continue with Intermediate Language Lessons (ILL). We use the original hard cover book. To add more writing and throw in some modernism, I added in Galore Park's Junior Book 2. I really like the looks of GP too, and the way it makes the student think and write. After reviewing both GP Junior English Book 2 and 3, I can see 2 will be more suited to him. He's goung to be a just turned 9, so I feel that that is his level. However, I am acquiring Book 3 as well in case the material in 2 is too easy.


Has anyone combined ILL and GP before?


If not, what do you think?

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Sorry, yes! I do! :D


My son is finishing up Galore Park Junior English 2 and he starts ILL today. He'll just continue on with GPJE3.


He really likes Galore Park English. Have you looked at the samples? There is a ton of writing. He has a specific notebook for the GPE book and he keeps his writing in there.


If you like GP, my oldest daughter is using Latin Prep. It's great. It's got a good level of difficulty, but it's not dry. There are little cartoons/comics. My daughter likes it. :thumbup1:

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