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But mom, the dog ate my homework!

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Around here it's "The bunny ate my homework!" We have 6 house rabbits who chew everything and love paper especially...and books. :glare: You won't find a book around here without chew marks on the corners.


Life with animals. Whatcha gonna do? :tongue_smilie:


Around here, it is our kitty that eats the "homework."

I recently found a large stash of papers under the couch. :glare:


That is a beautiful dog. Even if he does like paper.


Yes, we're quite smitten even when he's being a brat--which is often.


I love that dog!


"I ate your homework and if I had it to do over, I'd eat it again."


MMmmmm! Fractions! (What was all that talk about pizza anyway? This is kinda bland...)


Your dog is beautiful. What a sweetie.


Thanks! He gets away with rather a lot. I strategically avoided photographing the bald spot in the rug right near where he was. Those teeth are really quite efficient at tearing. :glare:


But that face...



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