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Don't wanna!

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I sent my husband an email today that included... "whine... whine... wine?"


Had to wait until I was home from work... but I think I will have wine with dinner and see if it cuts down on my whine tomorrow.


Rough day yesterday when I managed to break a glass over the freshly-baked banana muffins on the counter. My son was very disappointed this morning that they were thrown away (small glass shards). So whines today were appropriate.


Hoping tomorrow is sunny and calm :)

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I'm with ya. Little ds won't take a good nap, little dd fractured her wrist, which required a trip to pediatric urgent care and will need a full cast tomorrow, older ds is starting a new job and trying to file taxes for the first time....it goes on and on.


Not to mention the everyday dishes, laundry, school, cooking, potty training, poopy diapers, spit-up, etc. I need a day off!

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