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High school Logic questions.

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I'm looking ahead to dd14's 9th grade year starting in July and trying to decide on Logic. I'm leaning toward Art of Argument and Discovery of Deduction.


However, CAP's website seems to market these as middle school courses so I'm not sure that they would be acceptable as high school elective courses. Also, would they each take a full year (2 credits) or could they both be completed in one year (for 1 credit)?


Also, what would be the next level of formal logic after these two books?

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I think you'd be pushing it to count AoA as one credit. IMO, it's worth .5 credit. We used DoD earlier this year. We skipped a few of the end sections and completed the book in 13 weeks. You could feasibly stretch DoD to 1 credit if you do all the extra readings, either linked in the text or given in the tex, and all the assignments.


As for after DoD you could do The Argument Builder, which is beginning rhetoric. You could look at something like Memoria Press' Material Logic as well. I have not compared Traditional Logic I and II with DoD, so I don't know how much overlap there would be, but TL I would be redundant after Dod, imo.


You could also steer into more philosophy, DoD gives you a nice introduction with some of Plato's work.


Our current plan is to add more philosophy and rhetoric starting next year.

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Okay, I was looking at the site more and I see that they say The Argument Builder can be used alongside The Art of Argument. I wonder if using both in one year would be the equivalent of a whole credit?


Are there any non-fiction\biographies\living books that I could add to Discovery of Deduction to help flesh it out to a full credit?


Also, do you have any recommendations on books that would move us toward philosophy after DoD?


Thank you!

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We opted not to go with Argument Builder because my ds is a delayed writer. He has awesome critical thinking skills, just finds it harder to put them in writing. So I haven't seen it in person.


The Story of Philosophy by Magee might be a good reference type source to go through.


Some of the references in DoD are:


They reference some Peter Kreft, not sure what book you could add.

a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Ockham's Razor

Sherlock Holmes

a few Shakespeare references

Plato's Socratic Dialogues (Apology, Euthyphro)

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