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Good walking shoes??

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I have been working out at the gym (again) for the past couple of weeks now. I have a cheapo pair of "athletic" shoes from Target. They're not super comfortable or supportive, and I think they're a bit snug around the toes. This doesn't bother me when I'm doing strength training or riding the stationary bike. However, yesterday I walked 5k on the treadmill. I had to really slow down the last 15 min. because the bottoms of my feet were just burning with pain.


I'd like to continue walking, and in fact I was practicing for an upcoming charity 5k walk/run that I'd like to participate in. So I'd like to replace my shoes. (I have sturdy hiking boots that help me keep my footing on rocky inclines, but for even surface walking, they're rather bulky and stiff.)


I don't have a lot of money to spend, though. Are the $60-$70 shoes just as good as the ones that cost twice as much? Can anyone recommend a comfortable walking shoe?




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The only shoe I will ever wear for anything athletic now are my Vibram Five Fingers. I run, walk (long distances), hike, climb boulders in the middle of creeks, wade, etc. in them. I think mine were around $75.


P.S. I always had pain in my shins when I wore other athletic type shoes. I have zero pain with these.

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