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Why should I not stir greek yogurt?

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I am new to the consumption of greek yogurt (recomended by my doctor.) I bought the individual FAGE Greek Yogurt contaniers with the fruit in a seperate section to add to the plain, unsweetened yogurt. I've been mixing the fruit in very well, as the plain makes me gag. But yesterday I noticed (after I'd already stirred it in) that is says on the container: "Suggestion: Please do not stir."


Is there a reason for that? Does it upset the bacteria, or change the yogurt somehow? :confused:

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Which one do you get? I get the full fat one (Fage). I'm wondering on the lower fat ones if it makes it thinner? That's all I can come up with. The do no stir instructions are not on my container.


Yes, it's the 0% fat one. It doesn't seen thin to me, but then I'm used to fat free regular yogurt. It's taking me a while to get used to the Greek yogurt, but I've lost a pound! :party:

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