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Chemistry and Physics for Grade 3


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Are you looking for curriculum, or just books to read through/have on hand for browsing?


The American Chemical Society has a free curriculum for grade 3-5 here. This level only has 6 chapters, but each chapter has several related activities. They also have one for older kids that might be doable with a younger child who has plenty of individual attention from an adult.


You could have cool books for browsing, then, like Basher's books on the periodic table and on chemistry.


Ellen McHenry's Chemistry course is amazing.


Tiner has books on chemistry and on physics that are really excellent. Lots of interesting reading, and a few projects suggested. The books are Christian.


I probably have more written down somewhere -- i've been teaching a co-op science class for grades 3-5 this year; we did physics in the fall, and are working on chemistry right now. I just got home from co-op, though, so I'm in a sort of mini-burnout at the moment, and can't recall what I liked for physics.

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Elemental Science has a chemistry and physics program which are one year each. I have the chemistry and am getting the physics so I can smoosh them together and have a one year chemistry/physics class for my fourth and first grade dds this fall. I will probably end up using Adventures with Atoms and Molecules and Physic Experiments for Children.


I thought I heard something about Apologia putting out a one year Chemistry/Physics book. Can anyone confirm that?


Best of luck!

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If you are looking for books to read the Basher series is really good. Can You Feel the Force? is a great intro to physics. It is listed on Amazon as grade 5-8 but I think it could definitely be used with a third grader. It's Elementary! is a good book for chemistry. If you are looking for a curriculum, check out eequalsmcq.com. The books are expensive but it is a 36 week curriculum.

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Here's an old thread about this:




This listing includes some physics books at the beginning:




This person lists a ton of different ones by topic. Here are the ones for electrical energy:




Sound energy:




...and you can go to her home page for loads of others....

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