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s/o of the school days thread - How long does it take you to do school?


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It depends.


DS 7 does about 2.5-3.0 hours a day of seat work as a second grader, often split into two sessions during the day. But we average 3.5-5.0 hours a day for overall school work since he does other things too that don't require pencil and paper or needing to sit at the table to do the work, like when he watches a video or we're working on a project for science or history. Some days we've hit 8-hours when he's been into doing a project or we have a ton of outside activities related to school, but that's not often.

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My kiddos are in grades 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th. Four of my children use HOD, so that helps with combining them in sets ;)


We school from 8:00-2:00. I try my best to start at eight. I use a block schedule. By using a block schedule it keeps me on track. It doesn't look like that everyday because sometimes for instance Annette, might need help with researching online so I'll sit with her and help or Caleb might need help understanding his math for that day etc.


My block schedule looks something like this;

Latin with four older

Math with Josh

Preparing School (HOD) with Caleb and Brent


Beyond School (HOD) with Ethan and Lance

AAS & R&S Grammar with Ethan


AAS/Shurley Grammar with Caleb and Brent.


Time wise it looks like this;

7:45-8:15~Math with Caleb

8:15-:30~Latin with Josh, Caleb, Annette and Brent. We practiced from chapter 8 and went over some grammar.(Normally we do Latin from 8:00 to 8:30)

8:30-8:40~Math with Annette. She is having trouble with her fractions.

9:00-10:00~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Completed Reading about History~Storytime~Bible Study~Geography and told the boys to draw their Woolly Mammoth to their cave painting. The cave painting they will do on their own.

10:00-10:10~Helped Annette research squirrels online for science (A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie)

10:10-10:30~All About Reading with Lance. Continued to practice the 'th' sound and read words starting with th.

10:30-11:00~All About Spelling with Ethan. This session took a bit longer than usual. I didn't realize 30 minutes had passed. I had Ethan, spell words with the 'ng' and 'nk' words orally and on paper. We started a new lesson.

11:00-11:10~Rod and Staff English with Ethan. We did this orally.

11:15-11:50~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. We did Bible~Storytime~History. I still need to do science (Grandpa Joe came to visit, so I had to cut our hour of Beyond time short).

Lunch. My dad took Annette, Ethan and Lance to Jack-in-the Box and brought us back burgers and tacos.

1:00-1:40~All About Spelling and Shurley English with Caleb and Brent.

1:40-2:00~Grandpa played catch with the children. Josh came home from his outing with his Auntie.

2:00-4:00~Quiet time. Mom blogs :)


Also there are things that I can get the kids started on and they do on their own.




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My dd7 can finish her seat work - phonics, handwriting and math - in 45 minutes although she often spends an hour or more. The rest of her work is either story, art or movement based and the length of time depends on my schedule and her attention span so it is between 1 and 3 hours not counting outside activities.


My dd11's work generally takes about 4 hours, not counting independent reading and outside activities.

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For my 2 youngest seatwork takes about an 1-1.5 hours a day. Then they have crafts, and such, my preker is usually begging for more seatwork and my 8 yr old would love less but I find we can do all we need to in that 1-1.5 hours. For my 2 big kids it depends on the day. If they work hard about 4-5 hours, if they are dawdling and lazy it can take 8+ hours.

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My 7 year old 2nd grader spends 2-3 hours Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and then 1-1.5 hours Thursday-Friday (those are our light days). I front load the week because that's when *I* have energy. ;)


My DS2 is kind of K4 this year, and if he does everything (which is rare), it's probably a total of 30-45 minutes. Most days, he only does one or maybe 2 subjects, and we spent 10-15 minutes total. He's not "K" until next year, so he's still on a when-he-wants-to basis right now. We recently had one day that we did reading, handwriting, and math all in one day. I think that's the only time we've done that this entire school year. :lol:

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9am- noon


Lunch break


Then probably until about 1:30 to finish up.


However we are VERY relaxed about these "times." My children take a snack break somewhere in there, we often talk together or laugh and joke together, and my son has bathroom issues and I think 45 minutes of that is him going to the bathroom. My dd has focus issues so much of that is her daydreaming.


I used to try to keep them on a tight schedule to finish by noon, but everyone was cranky, I was angry, my kids were uptight, and it was all around miserable. Now we work hard, and we accomplish all we need to. But there are bits of life in between and that's ok for us. :001_smile:

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DD8 works from about 9am to noon. We aim to do any teaching-time in the morning and then she has her writing assignment to do in the afternoon while I do AAR, math and writing with DD5. We also will do art and science in the afternoon, but we only do these 2 days a week.

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I've got a 5th and 7th grader, and for what we do together, it's usually about 1-2 hours, except on days when we have a chemistry experiment. Then, they work on their assignments, and how long it takes them, varies widely. Some days, they buckle down and get stuff done really quickly, other days, they take *forever*.

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All day. No schedule. Home education is our entire life.


In addition to academic subjects, it includes cleaning, cooking, running errands--so there's no set learning time.


The subject that takes longest is math because my daughter requests lots and lots of activities and usually pushes to complete an entire unit at once and to do supplements, too. I forecast 30 minutes of math a few times a week; it ends up being about an hour or so each time. Not a miserable hour of pain, however, since I would put a stop to miserable learning after one or two minutes (no judgment of parents who forge through, since that requires a high level of patience and perseverance--I just can't handle misery).


ETA: I have a 2YO and 5YO. I cannot imagine how long we will spend on physical science next year. Cannot. Imagine. The books we'll use look like so much fun!


ETA2: Yes, I'm one of those insufferable people who claims to have homeschooled since birth--or at least I do now that I've heard of such claims! Mwuhahaha.

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For my two youngest, around 45 mins to 1 hour.

For my two middle ones, around 1.5 to 2 hours.

For my two oldest dc, around 3 to 4 hours.

In addition to this, all kids have an hour of group time at the very start of the school day, and a 30-minute "lunchtime lesson". And the oldest four are required to read independently for at least an hour in the afternoon.

We do the bulk of out school in the morning, but sometimes we do spill over into the afternoon.

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10yo/5th grade


5 hours --2 days a week

7-8 hours --3 days a week

When possible, another few hours on the weekend.


This doesn't include reading. That adds at least 1-2 hours a day.


Edited to add: This does not include breaks, activities, etc. This is desk work.

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My 2nd grader and 1st grader spend 2 hrs per day on schoolwork. About 1 hr 20 min is seatwork (math/language arts/writing/French) and the remaining 40 min is reading aloud on the couch (literature/history/science). Those 2 hrs do not include independent reading, trips to museums, science projects, or time dh spends reading aloud to them in the evenings.

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My dd8 is a 2nd grader and we school 4 days a week, but she does Bible reading and morning/evening reading daily. Outside of Bible/reading, total school time is about 3 hours Mon-Wed and Friday. Adding in the Bible/reading with the school time, it is a total of 4 1/2 hours.




Reading - 30m morning; 60m evening


Mon-Wed and Friday

Spelling - 40m

Grammar - 10m

Writing - 10m

Cursive - 10m

Math - 40m


Monday and Wednesday

Science - 1 hour


Tuesday and Friday

History - 1 hour



Art - 1 hour

Home Economics - 1 hour

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For my DS in second grade, his school day is about 2 hours, we start at 9:00 and he's usually done by 11:00.


For my DD in sixth grade, her school day is 3 hours, and she's usually done by noon.


There are days we take longer, but for the most part, we're almost always done by lunch. There are definitely moments where I wonder if we're doing enough, but they're just efficient workers, seldom stopping even for a bathroom break.

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My 7 year old makes school last forever.....it is horrible. He hates schoolwork, hates me for making him do it...here it is 5:30...and we are still battling over math. Oh, boy...now dh is in there with him...bless his soul.....


I school the other kids from 9-1 or 2.....Then I school this little guy. Trying to find out exactly what his issues are....I think we are looking at Aspergers....sigh......In can't mix him in even for read alouds. He distracts everyone else and makes us all miserable.:confused:



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Unfortunately I think it's so hard to gauge because it depends how many kids you have, their natural efficiency, what type of work you assign, and what else you prioritize.


I juggle 3 wiggly boys.


The 5th grader should work 8:30-2 including lunch, snack, piano practice. He often takes longer when our schedule allows.


The 3rd grader goes about 8:30-1 including snack and piano.


The 1st grader goes about 8:30-noon including snack, mostly because he's stuck doing science and history with the other two, but he often colors while listening.


So by 3rd grade it works out to about an hour per grade level but we get less efficient as we add more kids! When I had just a 1st and 3rd grader, we could be done by noon easy and only schooled 4 days a week!



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Our total seatwork time for the 3 Rs is probably about an hour, with another hour for either science/history and piano practice, and a half hour of ds reading outloud. Ds is in 1st grade.


BUT since I am schooling 2 boys who can't sit still for more than about 10 min. at a time, need breaks in between, and melt down frequently, we start at 8:30am and on a good day finish by lunch. On a bad day, we can still have work to do at 3-4pm.

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I saw a few posts on the what days do you school thread saying how long some of you take for lessons each day and was surprised at the responses. So I thought I'd ask - how long does it take each day for "school" and what is the age / grade of your students?


5.5 hours per day for 12 year old 7th grader & 17 year old 11th grader

plus about a half hour to an hour's worth of homework to be completed each afternoon/evening


Homework includes English grammar review (Daily Grams), up to 20 math problems (Teaching Textbooks), and/or a reading/literature assignment.

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We're weird. We start after breakfast around 9 am (dd is 8 and working around a 3/4 grade level) and just keep going until Dh gets home from work around 4 or 4:30. During that time we do take breaks, do brief chores, and eat lunch. But we are occupied with something educational the whole time.


I have dd age 8 and ds age 4 (I know, but he really is learning to read and is even starting MM 1 now). We do seatwork, independent work, learning games, read alouds, DSE videos, and dd reads independently. Ds plays when I am not reading aloud or working with him directly. No screens allowed, except what I pick for them on DSE or a learning game on a site like Literactive or IXL.


It is more just our lifestyle than a thing to get done. We school all year, too. It's a bad habit! But in the summer we spend the afternoons outside.

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9-10 - Together time (Catechism & History) w/ DD13, DS8, DD7

10-11 - Logic w/ DD13 2x/wk

10-11 - Science & IEW (outline/paragraph science lesson) w/ DS8 & DD7 3x/wk

12-1 - Lunch & Computer (figuring quotes for DH's business, Facebook, TWTMF)

1-2 - Grammar, Math & explain independent reading, spelling & cursive w/ DS8

2-3 - Grammar, Spelling, Math, Reading & Printing w/ DD7

until 4 - Flutter here and there to help kids with their independent work


DD13 does independent work after lunch: reading, math, vocabulary, science, and outlining/paragraph writing. DS8 does reading, spelling & cursive independently. DD13 works until 4 solid. DS8 gets done sooner. I butterfly around helping DD13 and DS8 with their independent work where needed. We close the books & the kids get 1 hr. of TV or computer time at 4. Then we clean up at 5 and I make dinner.


So, that would be 6 hours of work time w/ 1 hr. of break time with 3 school age kids. Next year my youngest will be ready for kindergarten. That will be interesting. I'm not sure how I will swing it. I'm already feeling like I'm maxed out.

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I have a pre-k kid that is doing some kindergarten work and I have a 1st grader. If we're having a really school-intensive day, it may take 4 hours total. That's with a lot of breaks and a lot of that is doing one kid at a time.


On a better (and more reasonable) day, we might spend 2 hours total. We're really focusing on the 3Rs right now and I pretty much combine the rest.

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I heard a rule of thumb early on that has helped me (through 5th grade, not sure after that)


About an hour per grade.

1 hour a day 1st grade

2 hours a day 2nd grade


That is of focused educational time, not PE, crafts etc...


So my 4th grader does about 20 hours a week. Sometimes he is done in 15 hours, sometimes it takes much more.


We like to do 2 heavy days, 2 middle and 1 really light (just math)

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I had seen this, I think, on the WTM blog and saved it. Someone had added up the estimates from the WTM book that SWB recommended per grade level. It may seem like a lot, but these times include the morning and evening reading as well. Also, this is for a 4-day school week.


Kindergarten 1 hour 20 minutes

First grade 3 hours 49 minutes

Second grade 4 hours

Third grade 4 hours 52 minutes

Fourth grade 5 hours 34 minutes

Fifth grade 6 hours 41 minutes

Sixth grade 6 hours 51 minutes

Seventh grade 6 hours 51 minutes

Eighth grade 6 hours 58 minutes

Ninth grade 7 hours 33 minutes

Tenth grade 7 hours 33 minutes

Eleventh grade 6 hours 21 minutes

Twelfth grade 6 hours 21 minutes

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For DD-2nd it averages out to around 2.5hrs a day. Weekly:


3 hours of LA

3 hours of Math

1.5 hours Foreign Language

1 hour science

1 hour history

1 hour Art

.5 hour Music

.5 hour Geography

.5 hour poetry


We school Tues-Fri with a little on Mondays. This does not include music practice, bible study/memory work (we all do it together at breakfast), literature (we do read-alouds at lunch and bedtime), PE (which we don't really do, but try to get outside/exercise time anyway).


For DS1 - K it averages out to under 1 hour a day.


Our school days are supposed to go 9-12 (including a short break) and then 1-2. So 4 hours all up.

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We all stay together in our schedule b/c I've found that works better for us (no jealousy for those finished early, no kids running off to play before they're really done, no rushing doing sloppy work to get done faster, etc.). We start at 8:30 and work until 12:30. During that time we cover Math, Logic (Thinking Skills), Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Latin, and Memory Work. Then we take about an hour break for lunch and play time. We start back up at 1:30 and go until 4:30 and in that time we cover reading/literature, and one or two content subjects (Bible, History, or Science). We take a breaks usually at 10:30 and 2:30 for snacks. Then I do an hour of preschool while the older children practice instruments. My children are 10, 7 1/2, 5, 3 1/2, 2, and 8 months. I'm teaching 2nd grade, 1st grade, and preschool as my oldest is 2 years behind and my second child is one year behind.....one b/c of a being a struggling learner and the other b/c of fine motor delays and maturity issues (summer birthday and a boy).



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